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Article: Mumu Bath Shop Gift Sets | 6 Gift Ideas for Fall

Mumu Bath Shop Gift Sets | 6 Gift Ideas for Fall

Mumu Bath Shop Gift Sets | 6 Gift Ideas for Fall

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Do you have a friend or family member who always seems impossible to shop for? They already have everything, so what else could they possibly need? Or, maybe they’re very particular, and you want to get them something they’ll actually like. Suddenly, a thoughtful gesture becomes surprisingly stressful. You are left clueless on what to purchase as a gift . . .

At Mumu Bath, we strive to make life a little brighter (and easier) through our boutique skincare collection. So, we’ve thoughtfully put together naturally scented, themed gift sets for any person—even the person who has everything! With our all-natural ingredients, there is something for everyone and every skin type, babies included. Now you just have the fun of choosing which of our sets you like the most.

Skincare & Spa Gifts for Loved Ones with Sensitive Skin

When purchasing gifts for friends and family, knowing which products will be best for their skin can be challenging. It’s not uncommon for people to have adverse reactions to heavily perfumed spa products or products with certain chemicals. You’re trying to gift relaxation, not a skin rash.


Luckily at Mumu Bath, all of our products are made with all-natural organic ingredients and zero harsh chemicals. So, you can shop stress-free when gifting any of our luxury soaps!

Our rich and creamy products are also safe for use during pregnancy and even after for the newborn baby, making them a thoughtful gift choice for any new mom. Try our Ultimate Best Seller Gift Set, which includes the Super Simple Baby Bar, Walk in the Woods, Kiss Me Sunshine, and Morning Dew Eczema Relief. This dreamy gift set is sure to please even the pickiest shoppers!

beauty gift set

Gift Set Ideas by Mumu Bath Shop

1. Baby Shower Love!

Sometimes, pregnancy comes with unwanted skin irritation. Help the mama-to-be soothe and hydrate her skin with a gift box of all-natural soaps to try. Or, gift the new arrival with a Super Simple Baby Bar and Morning Dew Eczema Relief.

2. Seasonal Holiday Gift Sets

At Mumu Bath, we love putting together unique holiday-themed gift sets. Whether you need a back-to-school gift for the teacher or you want to knock out some Christmas shopping early, check in with us regularly to see what we’re coming up with next! Follow us on Instagram @mumubathshop for new releases and deals.

3. Perfect for Any Gender

We know that men enjoy the pampered life, too, which is why we created the For Him Gift Set. Designed with men in mind, this gift set includes the Mint Marble Bar, All-in-One Body & Shampoo Bar, Exfoliating Soap Pouch, and Zig Zag Wooden Soap Dish. This set is perfect for taking on-the-go or relaxing at home after a long, hard day.

4. Happy Partner, Happy Life 

Still trying to recover after last year’s anniversary gift fail? Bring a smile to your partner’s face with our XOXO Love Gift Set. This enchanting set includes a: 

This gift set is bound to make your partner feel special, valued, and loved.

5. Spa Experience at Home

Don't feel like paying crazy spa prices? Create the spa experience for a loved one right in their own home! With Mumu Bath’s Deluxe Loofah Soap & Wonder Balm Gift Set, you can gift the feeling of luxury without luxurious prices. This deluxe set includes a rosemary mint loofah soap, a sandalwood loofah soap, a peppermint loofah soap, a Wonder Balm- All-Purpose Skin Healer, and a zigzag beechwood soap dish. Instantly brighten someone’s day with this relaxing experience!

Find a Gift Set They'll Love at Mumu Bath 

At Mumu Bath, we know that it’s not always easy trying to find the perfect gift for every occasion, which is why we created these fabulous gift sets—we made what we would want for ourselves and loved ones!

Take the stress out of gift-giving by knowing that you are treating your friend or special someone to safe and all-natural products. Soon, they will feel like they’ve been transported to a tranquil spa in Bali!

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