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Natural Osmanthus Roll-On Perfume Oil

Sale price$30.00 USD

Experience pure luxury with our Osmanthus Natural Perfume Oil Roll On. Immerse yourself in the delicate, sweet fragrance of osmanthus petals, captured in every drop. Our alcohol-free formula ensures a gentle scent that harmonizes with your natural allure. Osmanthus, renowned for its ethereal and apricot-like aroma, transports you to a serene, blossoming garden with each application, leaving a subtle yet unforgettable trail of enchantment.

  • Safe & Effective for All Skin Types
  • 0.3 oz. / 10 ml

Our Benefits

Safe & Effective

Gently roll a touch onto your pulse points for an enduring, enchanting scent that harmonizes with your natural allure. Crafted with only two ingredients - essential oils and fractionated coconut oil, this alcohol-free formula ensures a delicate and lasting fragrance, perfect for any occasion.