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Luxurious Asian-Inspired Bath Soaps

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Morning Dew Eczema Relief Soap by Mumu BathMorning Dew Eczema Relief - Mumu Bath
Morning Dew Eczema Relief Soap Sale price$13.00 USD
Kiss Me Sunshine Soap Bar with citrus handmade by Mumu BathMan washing himself in the bath with a citrus soap bar made by Mumu Bath products
Kiss Me Sunshine Soap Bar Sale price$13.00 USD
Mt. Ali Taiwanese Tea Soap Bar handmade by Mumu BathMt. Ali Taiwanese Tea Soap - Mumu Bath
Mt. Ali Taiwanese Tea Soap Sale price$14.00 USD
Goji Berry Jujube Soap - Mumu BathGoji Berry Jujube Soap - Mumu Bath
Goji Berry Jujube Soap Sale price$14.00 USD
Walk in The Woods Soap Bar organically made by Mumu BathMan in bath washing himself with Walk in The Woods Organic Soap Bar
Walk in The Woods Soap Bar Sale price$13.00 USD
Lavender Oasis Organic Soap Bar handmade byMumu BathWomans hand rubbing Lavender Oasis Soap with organic oatmel lavender oil Lavender Oasis - Mumu Bath
Lavender Oasis Organic Soap Sale price$13.00 USD
Super Simple Baby Soap Bar - Mumu BathWoman washing her leg in a bath with Mumum Boath Super Simple Baby Bar
Super Simple Baby Bar Soap Sale price$13.00 USD
All-In-One Body & Shampoo Bar with Tea Tree, Peppermint and Organic Jojoba Oil. Soaps made by Mumu BathAll-In-One Body & Shampoo Bar handmade by Mumu Bath
All-In-One Body & Shampoo Bar Sale price$15.00 USD
Signature Hydrating Facial Soap Bar, handmade soap with Comfrey Root & Lavender Oil by Mumu BathWoman in bath using Mumu Bath Signature Hydrating Facial Soap
Organic French Clay Facial Soap, product made by Mumu Bathwoman in a bath tub reading and relaxing by using an Organic French Clay Facial Soap
French Clay Facial Soap Sale price$15.00 USD
Cherry Blossom Soap made by Mumu Bath3 Cherry Blossom Soap bars made by Mumu Bath beauty products
Cherry Blossom Soap Sale price$14.00 USD
Rose Pink Clay Soap handmade soaps by Mumu BathRose Pink Clay Soap - Mumu Bath
Rose Pink Clay Soap Sale price$14.00 USD
Central Park Soap - Mumu BathCentral Park Soap product by Mumu Bath
Central Park Soap Sale price$14.00 USD
City Cafe Coffee Soap handmade by Mumu BathCity Cafe Coffee Soap Bar - Mumu Bath Soaps
City Cafe Coffee Soap Sale price$14.00 USD
Mango and Turmeric Soap Bar handmade by Mumu BathMango Turmeric Soaps by Mumu Bath
Mango Turmeric Soap Sale price$14.00 USD
Honeysuckle Soap Bar handmade soaps by Mumu BathHoneysuckle Soap - Mumu Bath
Honeysuckle Soap Sale price$14.00 USD
Brooklyn Bridge - Mumu BathBrooklyn Bridge - Mumu Bath
Brooklyn Bridge Soap Sale price$14.00 USD
Matcha Soap Bar, Handmade Green Tea Soaps by Mumu BathMatcha Soap, Green Tea Soaps made by Mumu Bath
Matcha Soap Bar Sale price$14.00 USD
Yuzu Eucalyptus Soap, boutique all natural product by Mumu BathYuzu Orange Eucalyptus Soap - Mumu Bath
Yuzu Eucalyptus Soap Sale price$14.00 USD
Earth & Sea Soap - Mumu BathEarth & Sea Soap - Mumu Bath
Earth & Sea Soap Sale price$14.00 USD
New Yorker Soap - Mumu BathNew Yorker Soap - Mumu Bath
New Yorker Soap Sale price$14.00 USD
Coconut and Pineapple Soap bar handmade by Mumu Bath
Coconut & Pineapple Soap Bar Sale price$14.00 USD
Multi colored Rainbow Soap by Mumu BathRainbow Soap bar, handmade by Mumu Bath
Rainbow Soap Sale price$14.00 USD
Yellow Cab Soap
Yellow Cab Soap Sale price$14.00 USD
Dumbo soap
Dumbo soap Sale price$14.00 USD
Big Apple 'New York' Soap bar product made by Mumu Bath
Big Apple Soap Sale price$14.00 USD


Handcrafted Asian-Inspired Soaps by Mumu Bath

At Mumu Bath, we handcraft our soaps in New York City (In our Brooklyn Store) infusing them with the essence of our Taiwanese heritage. Our unique formulations transform ordinary bath and shower routines into extraordinary sensory experiences.

Natural Ingredients, Global Scents

Each bar in our range combines the finest natural ingredients: essential oils, botanicals, minerals, and salts sourced from around the world. We pay special homage to our roots by incorporating distinctive Asian scents, creating an aromatic journey that bridges East and West.

More Than Just Cleansing

Our artisanal process ensures that every soap delivers more than just cleansing. The carefully selected essential oils offer refreshing and healing properties, while natural minerals and salts nourish and rejuvenate your skin.

Eco-Friendly Luxury

True to our commitment to sustainability, our bar soaps are our most eco-friendly offering. Whenever possible, we sell them unpackaged, minimizing waste while showcasing the natural beauty of each handcrafted bar.

Experience Mumu Bath Taiwanese Inspired Soap Range

With Mumu Bath, you're not just choosing a premium product – you're embracing a piece of Taiwan cultural heritage and supporting environmental consciousness.