How to Start a Skincare Routine | 7 Easy Steps

by Mumu Bath

Looking to start a skincare routine but don’t know where to start? With an overwhelming number of beauty products and how-to videos out there, many people feel this way! It’s easy to get overwhelmed before you even begin. At Mumu Bath, we’ve put together a super simple, easy, and natural skincare routine without all the fluff. Keep it simple with just a few natural products!

7 Easy Steps to Radiant Skin

Morning Skincare Routine: 

1. Gentle Cleanser

Begin each day by starting with a fresh, clean face. Gently cleansing your face each morning helps to remove dirt and oils that accumulate on your face overnight. Plus, it’s important to wash off the leftover skincare products from the night before so that your face will be ready to absorb new product applications. 

Start your day feeling refreshed without our Signature Hydrating Facial. This healing bar hydrates and soothes dry, irritated skin with all-natural botanical ingredients. Or if you are struggling with clogged pores, try our Tea Tree Charcoal Soap. This soap has been designed to clean and soothe skin while nourishing and removing unhealthy toxins and unclogging pores.  

2. Toner (Optional)

Many people enjoy using a toner as a second step in their daily routine, but don’t feel like you have to. Toners are designed to remove any excess makeup or dirt leftover even after cleansing. Toner removes dead skin cells and adds a boost of hydration for smooth, even skin tone. We recommend natural toners such as witch hazel or aloe vera to soothe and calm your skin, while also leaving it feeling toned and refreshed. 

3. Moisturizer

The next step in your skincare routine is moisturizer, and it may be the most important! When you use a moisturizer twice daily, your skin stops over-producing oil, and it doesn’t dry out. When skin is adequately hydrated, acne, wrinkles, and redness are greatly reduced, and our skin looks radiant and healthy. We highly recommend using our Deep Moisture Face & Hand Cream each morning and night for instantly glowing skin! And the great news is, this moisturizer is perfect for all skin types!

4. SPF

Adding natural sunscreen to your daily routine is key to maintaining healthy, youthful-looking skin. When your face is exposed to UV rays, it can be very damaging to your skin overtime. This can lead to premature aging, wrinkles, and sometimes skin cancer. We recommend using a mineral sunscreen as they are chemical free and better for you. Just don’t forget to reapply every few hours, especially if you are going to be in the sun!

Evening Skincare Routine:

5. Makeup Remover

There are numerous makeup removers out there, but we recommend a more natural approach. Try using aloe vera or coconut oil to safely remove your makeup before cleansing. It will make your skin feel supple and hydrated too!

6. Water-Based Cleanser

You may choose to only use one cleanser in your daily routine, but if you have acne prone skin, a water-based cleanser might be your best option. This is due to the fact that many cleansers strip your skin of its natural oils, causing your skin to then overproduce oil to make up for the loss. A water-based cleanser hydrates your skin while also clearing your pores, but it won’t leave your skin feeling dry and irritated.

7. Moisturizer

Feel free to use the same moisturizer again for your nighttime routine; or, for dry skin, consider using a thicker night cream. Our Deep Moisture Face & Hand Cream also doubles as a soothing facemask before bed. Be sure to apply about an hour before you go to sleep so that the product soaks in and doesn’t wipe off on your pillowcase.  

Start Your Natural Skincare Routine with Mumu Bath!

By following these simple steps, you can choose the best products for your unique skin type. Be sure to use oil-free products if you have acne-prone skin and thicker moisturizing creams for dry skin. Remember, a daily skincare routine doesn’t have to be complicated in order to be effective. Just follow these 7 simple steps, and you’re on your way to healthy, glowing skin!