Don’t Skip the Moisturizer! | 3 Reasons You Need to Moisturize Skin Everyday

by Mumu Bath

We know that hydration is extremely important for daily health, but we often forget that our skin needs hydration, too! Our skin is our largest organ, and when we add moisture, it stays healthy, radiant, and supple—ready to do its job as the first line of defense against outside toxins.

It is equally important to use products that are effective and safe, and at Mumu Bath, we have plenty of amazing options to help you do just that! Even little ones with extra sensitive skin can use our gentlest products to nourish and protect their soft baby skin.

3 Reasons You Need to Moisturize Skin Everyday 

Cleansing your skin to remove dirt, build-up and toxins is crucial for healthy skin. But following up your cleansing routine with moisturizer can help lock in those benefits! And using a moisturizing soap adds a double dose of hydration into your skincare ritual. Here’s how hydration supports health skin:

1. Reduce Common Skin Conditions 

Many people suffer from dry or oily skin. A daily moisturizer can actually help improve both of these conditions—even oily skin! When you have oily skin, it is often because your skin is overproducing oil to make up for the lack of hydration. However, when you add in a daily moisturizer, your skin will start to produce less and less oil over time.

For those suffering with dry skin, make sure to moisturize every day after washing your face and showering. Hot water strips our face of natural oils and causes our skin to dry out.

Try cleansing with our Signature Hydrating Facial with lavender and comfrey root to add moisture back into your dull, dry skin—or combination/oily skin! This healing bar hydrates and soothes dry, irritated skin with all-natural botanical ingredients. 

2. Reverse & Prevent Environmental Damage

Each day, we expose our skin to pollutants in our environment, which can cause harmful changes to our skin. Our ears, face, chest, and neck shed skin cells regularly, and therefore need to be repaired so that new cells can rise to the surface (UT Medical Center). We can repair our skin by drinking lots of water (at least 8 glasses per day) and using a moisturizer twice a day. 

Mumu Bath’s Wonder Balm- All Purpose Healing Salve is a miracle product! This Wonder Balm combines super-moisturizing cocoa butter and organic olive oil along with vegan wax to safely nourish and protect even your most dry, sensitive, or irritated skin. Simply apply the salve to any affected areas, and let the healing begin! 

3. Camouflage Against Skin Imperfections

 By adding moisturizer into your daily routine, your skin cells can hydrate and regenerate. This leaves our skin looking refreshed and radiant, and it makes skin imperfections appear less noticeable. You won’t need makeup when you have naturally healthy and hydrated skin.

Not sure which moisturizer to choose? With amazing ingredients like organic shea butter, jojoba oil, and calendula, our Deep Moisture Face and Hand Cream is the perfect moisturizer for all skin types! Rub it on dry, cracked hands daily, or use it as a nightly face cream.

 Protect Your Body’s First Line of Defense

Since our skin is our largest and very crucial organ, we must remember to keep it protected and hydrated at all times. With continued daily use of our moisturizing Mumu Bath products, you’ll start to notice healthier, more radiant looking skin. Feel free to peruse our website, and treat yourself to the gift of glowing skin!