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superfoods for healthy skin

We all long for healthy, beautiful skin, and one of the ways to improve our skin health is by eating healthy foods. When choosing the most beneficial skin health foods, we need to think about which vitamins are most important. Vitamin C, A, E, zinc, and collagen are just a few of the helpful nutrients that will lead to hydrated, glowing skin!

5 Foods to Improve Skin Health

1. Sweet Potatoes

These orange-colored vegetables contain beta carotene which acts as a natural sunblock for your skin (Healthline). This can help prevent premature aging that leads to sunburn, dry skin, and wrinkles. It is still recommended that you wear sunscreen every day, but this superfood can be a great supplement to improve overall skin health!

2. Broccoli 

Explore new and tasty ways to get your greens—it’s worth it! It helps that broccoli pairs well with cheese. This superfood contains vitamin C, A, and zinc. Not only are these vitamins beneficial to your immune system, they are very helpful in improving skin health as well. Vitamin C is known for naturally brightening skin tone, and zinc has been found to reduce acne over time. Plus, broccoli has lots of calcium to keep your bones strong, too. Win-win!

3. Green Tea

Green tea is refreshing served cold and comforting served hot! Loaded with antioxidants, green tea has been found to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, reduce redness, and help our skin’s overall elasticity (Healthline). Try drinking a warm cup of green tea each morning instead of coffee, and overtime your skin’s health will start to improve! If the taste of green tea is not your favorite, try adding some honey from your local farmer’s market. Local honey will add a bit of natural sweetness and fight against allergens in your area.

4. Red Grapes

These delicious bursts of sweetness provide numerous health benefits for our skin! Red grapes contain antioxidants that fight against the free radicals that harm our skin cells and cause premature aging. Adding anti-inflammatory grapes and berries to your weekly meals and snacks can improve the health of your skin over time. Many people like to argue that red wine is also made from grapes, and therefore it must be healthy. While it is made from red grapes, drinking wine will not give you skin health benefits because the alcohol cancels out the antioxidants. However, everyone needs some relaxation, so feel free to indulge in a glass every now and then—just don’t expect it to clear up your skin. Wouldn’t that be nice?

5. Bell Peppers

These yummy vegetables contain substantial amounts of vitamin C, A, and collagen. These vitamins are known for brightening, hydrating, promoting elasticity, and reducing wrinkles. Opt for yellow or red peppers because they are riper (and sweeter) than green peppers. Bell peppers may be enjoyed either raw or cooked. You will get more vitamin C eating them raw, but if you roast the peppers, it brings out more of the antioxidants and ferulic acid (plus, it helps reduce some of the bitter taste). So, take your pick!

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As we age, skincare becomes even more important in our daily routines. By eating healthy foods, exercising, and using all-natural Mumu Bath products, we can greatly slow down the aging process and improve our skin health. While these 5 foods are extremely beneficial for our skin health, feel free to look up nutrition facts on other foods you love. There are so many wonderful foods out there that contain rich vitamins and minerals for your skin—these are just a few.