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Handmade Soap

Handmade Soap

Our artisan Handmade Soap bars

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Kiss Me Sunshine - Mumu BathKiss Me Sunshine - Mumu Bath
Kiss Me Sunshine Sale price$13.00 USD
Morning Dew Eczema Relief - Mumu BathMorning Dew Eczema Relief - Mumu Bath
Morning Dew Eczema Relief Sale price$13.00 USD
Super Simple Bar - Mumu BathSuper Simple Bar - Mumu Bath
Super Simple Bar Sale price$13.00 USD
Walk in The Woods Bar - Mumu BathWalk in The Woods Bar - Mumu Bath
Walk in The Woods Bar Sale price$13.00 USD
Lavender Oasis - Mumu BathLavender Oasis - Mumu Bath
Lavender Oasis Sale price$13.00 USD
Rose Pink Clay Soap - Mumu BathRose Pink Clay Soap - Mumu Bath
Rose Pink Clay Soap Sale price$14.00 USD
Signature Hydrating Facial - Mumu BathSignature Hydrating Facial - Mumu Bath
Signature Hydrating Facial Sale price$15.00 USD
All-In-One Body & Shampoo Bar - Mumu BathAll-In-One Body & Shampoo Bar - Mumu Bath
All-In-One Body & Shampoo Bar Sale price$15.00 USD
Earth & Sea Soap - Mumu BathEarth & Sea Soap - Mumu Bath
Earth & Sea Soap Sale price$14.00 USD
City Cafe Coffee Soap - Mumu BathCity Cafe Coffee Soap - Mumu Bath
City Cafe Coffee Soap Sale price$14.00 USD
Mango Turmeric Soap - Mumu BathMango Turmeric Soap - Mumu Bath
Mango Turmeric Soap Sale price$14.00 USD
Central Park Soap - Mumu BathCentral Park Soap - Mumu Bath
Central Park Soap Sale price$14.00 USD