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Article: 8 Tips for Natural Winter Skincare | Mumu Bath Shop

8 Tips for Natural Winter Skincare | Mumu Bath Shop
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8 Tips for Natural Winter Skincare | Mumu Bath Shop

Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated. There are several natural ways to improve your skin health without breaking the banking or incorporating a 12-step routine twice a day. By making a few simple changes to your everyday routine, you can have beautiful, radiant skin, even in the harsh winter!

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8 Tips for Winter Skincare | Natural Remedies to Hydrate Skin

1. Drink Water

Drinking plenty of water each day not only helps regulate body functions and aid in performance, it also greatly improves skin hydration, making it supple and soft and less prone to damage. Doctors recommend that women drink about 2.7 liters per day, and men drink 3.7 liters of water per day to stay healthy and hydrated (Healthline). You’ll feel better, and your skin will look great too!

2. Turn the Heat Down

Excess heat can cause our skin to dry out and become irritated. While it’s important to stay warm during the winter, try to keep your heater at a reasonable temperature. This also applies to water temperatures when showering and/or washing your face. It is recommended to use lukewarm water because hot water can severely dry out your skin and strip its natural oils.

3. Use a Humidifier

On that note, it’s often it is difficult to avoid the strong wind and harsh winter temperatures. However, you can combat this by using a humidifier in your home. Humidifiers add moisture to your dry, indoor air which can improve dry lips, skin, and sinuses. If your skin and sinuses feel dry, a humidifier should help.

4. Protect Skin

Be sure to wear the proper attire during the winter months. The winter wind and cold can be very damaging to skin. Due to lower humidity, the conditions can make your skin feel dry, flaky, and irritated. Protect your skin by wearing a coat, gloves, and long pants. Apply lip balm to provide a barrier for your lips.

5. Moisturize Daily

Be sure to moisturize your skin every day! By keeping your skin moisturized, you are protecting your skin barrier and bringing back the hydration that was lost due to the harsh, winter climate. Our Deep Moisture Face & Hand Cream, All Natural Vegan Lip Balm, Sweet Citrus Body Oil, and Lush Lightweight Body Butter are just a few of our many Mumu Bath products that will instantly hydrate and improve dry, flaky skin.

6. Take Nourishing Vitamins & Supplements

There are many vitamins and supplements that improve skin health, such as vitamin C and Omega-3. Vitamin C is known for boosting collagen production which keeps your skin looking firm and young. It also brightens dull skin and protects against sun damage. Omega-3 supplements can strengthen your skin’s natural barrier, as well as improve skin conditions such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis (Healthline). However, it is best to speak to your doctor before taking any new vitamins or supplements.

7. Use Natural Oils 

Coconut, avocado, almond, and shea butter oils are just a few of the many natural oils that can truly benefit your skin. Simply apply these oils to elbows, knees, hands, or any other dry skin areas on your body to instantly hydrate your skin.

8. Exfoliate Gently

Before applying any moisturizers, it is important to exfoliate to remove any impurities or dead skin. Our Exfoliating Loofah Soap is an excellent exfoliator that will allow moisture to really penetrate deep into your skin.

 Hydrate Your Skin All Winter Long with Natural Skincare by Mumu Bath

By implementing these 8 natural steps into your daily routine, you can make it through the harsh winter months with flawless, radiant skin! Feel free to view our other products at Mumu Bath. They are safe, chemical free, and beneficial for all ages!

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