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Article: Skincare Products to Avoid During Pregnancy + Safe Skincare Alternatives from Mumu Bath

Skincare Products to Avoid During Pregnancy + Safe Skincare Alternatives from Mumu Bath

Skincare Products to Avoid During Pregnancy + Safe Skincare Alternatives from Mumu Bath

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is such a special time in your life, and you shouldn’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals in your skincare products.

At Mumu Bath, all of our products are pregnancy safe and safe for babies as well! In fact, that’s how we got started in the first place. Our founder is a mama just like you who wanted to find a soothing all-natural soap for her baby’s eczema. When she couldn’t find one she loved, she created her own batch of gentle soaps she could trust!

You just need to choose the products that are best for your individual skincare concerns. Here’s a product guide for the most common pregnancy skincare concerns.

Pregnancy Skincare

Safe Products to Combat your Common Pregnancy Skincare Concerns:

Pregnancy Acne

Many pregnant women struggle with acne at some point during their pregnancy. It is important to wash your face each morning and night to cleanse away excess oils that clog your pores. Be sure to use lukewarm water because hot water can dry out your skin.

Many doctors advise against using cleansers with chemicals such as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide during pregnancy unless necessary since safety hasn’t been establish in pregnancy. Some prescription medications, such as Claravis or topical retinoids should be strictly avoided during pregnancy (Mayo Clinic).

Instead, try our Pure or Rose Pink Clay soaps. These all-natural, chemical-free soaps will remove impurities and leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed without stripping it of hydration.  

Skin Tone & Pigment Changes

As pregnancy progresses, hormones can cause skin tone and pigment changes. This is why it is important to use products with Vitamin C in order to keep skin looking bright and radiant. The problem is that most Vitamin C serums today contain synthetic ingredients that can actually damage our skin over time, instead of brightening it to a healthy glow. 

Our Kiss Me Sunshine Bar and Morning Dew Eczema Relief Bar both contain natural forms of Vitamin C which can reduce the appearance of dark spots and brighten your skin, leaving you looking your absolute best!


During pregnancy, it is not recommended to use products containing retinol or receive Botox injections. However, there are still safe ways to continue reducing the appearance of wrinkles naturally.  

Mumu Bath’s Kiss Me Sunshine Bar, All-In-One Body & Shampoo Bar, and Lavender Oasis Bar all contain essential oils such as lavender, jojoba oil, and natural Vitamin C which help moisturize skin, and fight against free radicals that damage your skin. While we can’t stop the aging process (and why should we? It’s beautiful!), we can improve the overall appearance of our skin to keep it looking healthy!

Dry Skin

As the days get colder and we head into the holiday season, many people struggle with dry skin. The first and easiest way to combat this is to stop using hot water to shower. Hot water dries out the skin, so it is best to use lukewarm water instead.

The second way to improve dry skin is to moisturize regularly! Using a lightweight moisturizer each morning and a heavier cream at night will greatly improve skin that has become dry and flaky.

Our Repair and Deep Hydration Face Serum, Deep Moisture Face & Hand Cream, Pink Grapefruit Lightweight Body Butter, and Wonder Balm-All Purpose Healing Salve are just a few of our many amazing and hydrating products that will transform your skin from flaky to fabulous! 

Stretch Marks 

Worried about stretch marks during pregnancy? First of all, they’re beautiful testament to the wonderful yet challenging journey into motherhood.

But if they’re a concern, our Sweet Citrus Body Oil is the perfect way to keep those stretch marks at bay. Simply spray on the oil each day and rub it into your skin. Allow the oil to absorb for several minutes before putting on clothes. While stretch marks are greatly attributed to genetics, keeping skin moisturized and hydrated can help minimize the appearance.

Nourish Your Skin Naturally During Pregnancy with Mumu Bath Boutique Skincare

Pregnancy is beautiful and exciting—but it can be challenging and tiring too. So treat yourself to some equally safe and luxurious skincare products that can help you look and feel great! This time is so special, and you should be able to cherish the process without having to worry about product safety as well. 

At Mumu Bath, we strive to give you the best possible products without the harsh chemicals. Congratulations on your pregnancy, and we can’t wait to help you pamper yourself beautiful Mama!

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