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Article: How to Get Rid of Acne Naturally | 6 Types of Acne & How to Clear it

How to Get Rid of Acne Naturally | 6 Types of Acne & How to Clear it

How to Get Rid of Acne Naturally | 6 Types of Acne & How to Clear it

At Mumu Bath, we are constantly looking for ways to provide our Mumu Bath family with safe, effective skincare and aromatherapy products. Many people struggle with acne, a stubborn facial and body skin condition. The problem is how to get rid of it safely and without using dangerous or harmful skincare products. Luckily, we have several acne-fighting soaps to incorporate into your daily skincare routine!

What is acne? 

Pesky bumps called acne can result when our skin pores become clogged with oils and dirt from everyday life. Merriam-Webster defines acne as “a disorder of the skin caused by inflammation of the skin glands and hair follicles.” There are several types of acne, including hormonal, body, facial, and stress acne. Different factors cause these multiple types of acne; the trick is figuring out how to cure each type.

What causes acne?

Some believe acne is simply caused by not washing your face often enough, but several factors are involved. Hormones, stress, inflammation, diet, genetics, and vitamin deficiencies can all exacerbate acne. In fact, over-cleansing can strip your skin of its natural barrier and oils, making acne worse. Like most things, balance is key.


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Hormones | Hormonal acne
Numerous studies show that higher levels of hormones cause acne. Consequently, acne often appears during puberty because hormones increase dramatically. It’s also why acne tends to get worse during pregnancy, too.

Stress | Stress-Induced acne
When our bodies undergo stressful situations, this increases the level of hormones like cortisol in the body. Cortisol increases oil production, which can lead to clogged pores over time.

Inflammation | Inflammatory Acne
When pores become clogged with bacteria, the body reacts with an immune response, often causing painful inflammation. Inflammatory acne is deeper than surface-level pimples and results in severe redness and pain when pores become blocked.

Diet | Food-Related acne
Sugars and a poor diet may also lead to an increase in acne. Try adding in foods with more antioxidants, zinc, and omega-3s.   

Genetics | Hereditary Acne
Sometimes acne can be hereditary. So, if your parents suffered from acne, unfortunately it is likely you will too.

Vitamin Deficiencies

If you have low amounts of certain vitamins, your immune system may be weaker, and your body may not fight inflammation as effectively. To combat this, increase your Vitamins A, C, D, and E to reduce inflammation.


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How do you get rid of acne?

With different types of acne come several different ways to prevent or remove it. While these methods may not eliminate your acne entirely, they should help significantly reduce it and lead to clearer skin. One thing to keep in mind—while skincare companies advertise numerous acne-fighting products, they may not be the safest way to go.

Some acne skincare products are not safe for pregnant women. Some ingredients, like retinol, Accutane, tetracycline, and salicylic acid, could cause congenital disabilities, while others have not been studied enough to be considered safe. Some products may also contain harmful chemicals that can lead to health problems and irritate the skin even further. At Mumu Bath, we believe in using all-natural products that are safe for people of all ages.

How to Clear Hormonal Acne

We know that there is a correlation between acne and hormones. During puberty, you have an increase in hormones, which causes acne to begin forming. The body also produces more oil, which leads to clogged pores. Pregnant women may struggle with acne due to hormone fluctuations.

To keep acne at bay, gently cleanse your face in lukewarm water each morning and evening to remove excess oils. Our Rose Pink Clay Soap gently draws out impurities and gently exfoliates without drying to smooth and balance your face and body. 

How to Clear Body Acne

Our bodies sweat to remove toxins naturally. However, this sweat and dirt can get into our pores and clog them, causing body acne to form. To combat body acne, shower daily, especially after workouts, to clean out your pores. Use a gentle cleanser, as over-exfoliating can lead to skin irritation. To help reduce acne, we created the Tea Tree Charcoal Soap bar! This refreshing bar gently and naturally removes toxins from your skin and cleans the area to prevent acne. You’ll quickly be on your way to clearer skin! 

How to Clear Facial Acne 

To prevent or cure facial acne, do not over-exfoliate, as this can lead to further irritation. Be sure to use non-comedogenic cleansers and moisturizers to prevent your pores from clogging further. And finally, as much as you may want to pick at your face, DON’T DO IT! Touching your face will spread bacteria and cause more acne. To safely remove facial acne, try our French Clay Facial Soap! French green clay (montmorillonite mined from the earth) effectively detoxifies the skin by absorbing toxins out of your skin. The soothing clay provides a mini facial spa treatment whenever you need an extra skin-loving boost.  

How to Clear Stress-Induced Acne

When we are in stressful situations, our hormone levels increase, sometimes leading to stress-induced acne. To eliminate this, prioritize rest and find ways to relax and reduce frequent stressors. Solutions to help include: eating nourishing foods, drinking lots of water, getting plenty of sleep, taking warm baths, and taking walks outdoors or breaks throughout the day to breathe and relax to keep cortisol levels down.

Our Lavender Oasis bar hydrates your skin and reduces tension and anxiety. This bar is excellent for daily stress relief! Lavender also helps reduce redness and calm irritated skin. Plus, oatmeal's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help treat dry skin by removing dead skin cells, oil, and dirt without clogging pores or over-drying. Lavender is often used in aromatherapy for its calming effect. Let the shower or bath be your time to slow down and breathe a little easier. 

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Relieve Stress & Fight Acne with Mumu Bath

While dealing with acne is frustrating, acne can often be dramatically improved with a daily gentle skincare routine, a nutrient-dense diet, and adequate rest. At Mumu Bath, we love that we can provide a growing line of all-natural products that will soothe and help your skin safely. We believe that skincare doesn’t have to contain harsh chemicals to be effective. View our products page to see which skincare items work best for your skin type!



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