3 Best Methods for Gentle Exfoliation

by Mumu Bath

Out with the old, and in with the new! Many dermatologists say that exfoliation is one of the most important steps you can add to your skincare routine – if done correctly. The process removes built-up, dead skin cells, which allows for cell regeneration and clear pores. As you remove the old cells, new ones can rise to the surface, giving you bright, glowing skin. The trick is figuring out which method of exfoliation works best for your skin type.

3 Ways to Gently and Safely Exfoliate

Physical Exfoliation

Physical exfoliation uses grains, ground-up nuts, or brush bristles to rub away dead skin cells and make the skin appear smoother. While this technique is the quickest, it is also considered too abrasive for the face and best suited for body exfoliation. Try Mumu Bath's Agave Exfoliating Soap Saver or our Rosemary Mint Loofah Soap, and buff your way to smoother skin! These products are an all-natural and gentle method of physical exfoliation. While most physical exfoliants are not considered unsafe, they can cause problems if used incorrectly. Do not rub or press down too hard on your skin, as this could tear away your skin cells. It’s best not to use a physical exfoliant more than two times per week.

Chemical Exfoliation

This method uses alpha-hydroxy acids, beta-hydroxy acids, and poly-hydroxy acids to penetrate deep into the layers of your skin. While it improves your overall skin health for long-lasting results, it does take a bit longer to notice improvement. Many people prefer this method because it is gentler on your face and improves fine lines and blotchy skin. However, some of these, if left on your skin too long, can cause chemical burns. Be sure to use a gentle lotion or moisturizer after chemical exfoliation to heal any sensitive areas. Try our Kiss Me Sunshine bar to experience the benefits of natural alpha-hydroxy acids from orange oil.

Enzymatic Exfoliation

For those with sensitive skin, this technique is your best option. Enzymes found naturally in fruit break down the skin cells slowly and gently. They act as a chemical exfoliant would without being too harsh on your skin. Mumu Bath's unique organic fruit and botanical extracts offer this type of exfoliation. Try our Rose Pink Clay Soap or our Signature Hydrating Facial to gently draw out impurities in your skin and regenerate cells.

Gently Exfoliate with Mumu Bath’s Gentle & Organic Small-Batch Soaps

Exfoliation can be a learning process as you find the best technique for your skin type. Be sure to start slowly and use gentle exfoliants that are safe and effective. Physical exfoliants are best for the body, while chemical and enzymatic can be used sparingly on your face. Dermatologists recommend exfoliation no more than 2-3 times per week. Nourish and exfoliate with our all-natural Mumu Bath products to enjoy smooth, glowing skin!