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Bliss Lightweight Body Butter

Sale price$30.00 USD

Indulge your senses in the enchanting fragrance of our Bliss Body Butter. Truly because it smells absolutely blissful. Our rich & moisturizing yet lightweight body butter is great for your hands + body.

Fragrance: Geranium, Frankincense, Helichrysum, Lavender, Tea tree

Key Ingredients: Avocado Oil

Suitable for: All Skin Types, Sensitive Skin

   Skin Benefits: Moisturizing, Antioxidant Protection,  Anti-inflammatory, Allergen Reduction

4 oz / 120 ml 

Our Benefits

Floral Notes

Infused with a harmonious blend of geranium, frankincense, helichrysum, lavender, and tea tree, this luxurious body butter brings a delicate and soothing floral aroma to your daily skincare ritual.